Stuart's first encounter with brewing was when he was 15 years old and he won a home brew kit on a village fete tombola stall. When he proudly showed his parents what he'd won, they rolled their eyes but supportively passed the project over to his Uncle Albert who knew a thing or two about beer and helped him to make his first ever brew.

Fast forward another fifteen years and Stuart's second encounter with brewing was where it all really began. Stuart had moved from Bristol to Cornwall to study for a masters degree in fine art and ended up living in a cottage in the countryside near the Helford River. His landlord was a keen home brewer and most weekends during this first winter in Cornwall were spent brewing. Quite soon Stuart got the idea in his head that Cornwall could really do with a brewery producing beers that were a little different to the standard offerings available at the time.

Stuart's job as a foraging instructor along with his passion for wild, seasonal and local produce sparked the idea of using these unique ingredients in his home brewing.

In between teaching foraging and wild food cookery Stuart gained some work experience at a local brewery and had the opportunity to brew a few of his beers on a commercial scale, which went down so well in the local pub that he decided to take the plunge and put his savings towards buying a second hand 200l brew kit. In late autumn 2016 Stuart took the leap from home brewer to microbrewer and Woodman's Wild Ale was born.