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La Vie en Rose

5% ABV

Rosehip Saison

This Saison is brewed with the addition of rosehips to give a tangy, fruity finish which complements the refreshing and spicy quality of this beer style



6.8% ABV

Dandelion Saison

Pissenlit is a French nickname for the dandelion due to its diuretic properties! This beer is wildcrafted with dandelion petal candi sugar to give a dry finish which beautifully complements the spicy French saison yeast.

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Green Mountain Witchcraft.jpg

Green mountain witchcraft

5.7% ABV

New England IPA

Inspired by the new wave of beers from New England this hop forward pale ale is jam packed with tropical fruit flavour and a thick mouthfeel, alongside a hint of marzipan sweetness from the inclusion of rowan buds and maple syrup.


prima rosa

4.5% ABV

Belgian Patersbier

Based on a Belgian Patersbier, this is a clean, crisp light ale with delicate floral and fruity notes. Primroses are added at the end of the boil and twice during fermentation to capture their subtle sweet flavour.

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