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Mermaids Kiss

4.4% ABV


Based on a traditional Gose style, this beer contains ingredients gathered from the Cornish coast and is subtly sour and salty, yet strangely alluring to the tongue.


Wild mild



Punching well above its weight this dark mild is rich and moreish with a well-balanced interplay of malt, hops, fruity yeast and wild flavours.

Wild Mild.jpg
Nouvelle Belge.jpg

Nouvelle belge

6% ABV

Belgian IPA/New England IPA

A Belgian/New England IPA hybrid wildcrafted with elderflower, full of fruity and floral notes - a perfect summer beer



5.1% ABV


Growsvos is the Cornish word for gooseberry and this beer showcases both wild and locally grown fruit to give a sharp, refreshing, summery bite to an old Belgian style of beer known as a Grisette, which was traditionally brewed to quench the thirst of mine workers.